our focus is on finding the root cause to your health concerns -- we provide ideas to assist with all chronic health conditions and we focus on:

Dr. Jeanne Galloway

Dr. Jeanne Galloway is a graduate of Bastyr University Naturopathic Medical School. She is a specialist in natural medicine using botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, and other natural and complementary medical approaches to promote wellness.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a unique form of healthcare that helps the whole person. It addresses core issues affecting your health, and offers relief beyond just covering up or suppressing symptoms. As a naturopathic doctor, I provide effective solutions for people with chronic illness, as well as support for those who simply want to feel more vital and alive.

Appropriate Medicine

Appropriate Medicine is Dr. Galloway's concept of applying the right medicine at the right time. Natural and standard medicine are appropriate -- they can and should be used in successful patient care.

appropriate medicine™ for our times

How to find Alternative Medicine in Seattle and the U.S.:

I am glad you found my site - Natural Medicine has many ideas that can help you with chronic medical conditions... I try to make this site as educational as possible. To find quality alternative medicine in and around Seattle, or other parts of the U.S./World, when you search on the web a few key words might help you: Seattle Alternative Medicine, Seattle Naturopathic Medicine, Seattle Holistic Medicine, Seattle Natural Medicine, Seattle Natural Health, Seattle Naturopath, Seattle Naturopathic, Seattle Breast Cancer Care, Naturopath Seattle, Naturopathic Seattle, Alternative Medicine Seattle, Holistic Medicine Seattle. Definitions of these terms are: Alternative or holistic medicine is a broad category of practitioner, it can mean anyone who uses non surgical, non pharmaceutical means to bring about wellness. Naturopathic Medicine as described above is a doctoral level specialist within the alternative medical field. Naturopathic Oncology = Naturopathic approach to supporting cancer patients before, during and after cancer diagnosis and treatment.