From Dr. Galloway's Clients:

"How grateful I am that I can consult with you via telephone, even though I live in California. Thanks for your caring concern. You are a wonderful listener. After following your suggestions, and using the products you recommended, I am feeling really great! My blood pressure is lower, my blood work has improved, and I have lots more energy. I now feel confident in knowing that I am taking steps to assure the wellness of my body. Thank you so very much!"

Brenda A.

La Verne, California

"I was pleased to have Dr. Galloway available when I was hospitalized for what I thought was a reaction to chemotherapy treatments after colon cancer surgery. She helped to interpret what my medical doctor was telling me and also aided in suggesting what would be a good eating plan for me to follow on my return home. Dr. Galloway also recommended herbal supplements to aid in my recovery."

"Dr. Galloway has a calming and soothing personality that relieved a lot of stress on my part."

Dee B.

Havre, Montana

"I consulted with you about having a breast cancer diagnosis and that my alternative practitioners were not supportive of conventional treatment. Thank you for your alternative information which helped strengthen my resolve to include both types of treatment rather than exclude either one. Luckily, they were able to augment my choice of surgery and radiation and then chemo was not necessary in my case. I appreciate your time and your expertise."


Laura K.

Austin, Texas


"I have struggled with health issues for four years and have seen many doctors and alternative health care professions. One issue I had was daily hives. I must have seen thirty people about the hives and not one of them could help me until I met Dr. Galloway. She knew exactly what to do and I have been hive free since. Dr. Galloway is down to earth with excellent instincts and a pleasure to work with. I tell everyone that she did more for me in one visit than 30 doctors did for me in four years."

Margaret B.

Austin, TX


"Thank you for being part of my health care team."

Beth L.

Austin, Texas

From Dr. Galloway's Medical Colleagues:

"You have a brilliant way of engaging every one you work with and making them feel personally special. Your sense of humor coupled with compassion is such an asset that anyone in their right mind would pay extra for just to have you around. You are not just a team player, you are a leader, discussing and delving into what ever the issue is at hand. Many of my patients have benefitted tremendously because you and I had a consult. "

Kate Wanstrom

Family Nurse Practitioner

Practitioner - Austin, TX

"For the past thirty years I have provided health care for women who are seeking alternative options along with routine care. Jeanne is an important resource for my patients. She is excellent at guiding people through often overwhelming choices to develop a plan based in herbal medicine and nutrition. I am thrilled that she is now concentrating on adjunctive care for women with breast cancer. Now women who are receiving chemo or radiation will be able to see Jeanne and stay as healthy as possible through a very trying time. My patients will continue to benefit from her knowledge and compassion."

Connie Ryan, RNC

Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

Founder, Central Family Practice Austin, TX