A personal word from Dr. Galloway:

"I have been an allergy sufferer for my entire life. No matter where I have lived, from my parent's acreage in Sierra Vista, Arizona, to Pomona, California, to Seattle, Washington, Austin, or New York City, allergies have been a constant. Why would that be? If I were allergic to a specific environment, I would have seen a change when I moved. Allergies are an ingrained, patterned response in your immune system and it requires deep changes."

No one can guarantee that you will have your allergies permanently removed. Dr. Galloway does help you learn tools to:

What to expect from your Allergy Reduction Visits with Dr. Galloway:

You are the chief participant in your Allergy Reduction plan. This is not "green medicine" where I give you a natural replacement for a pharmaceutical Allegra, or other drug. You can go to any natural food store and pick up a product like that.

My services provide a thorough change. We will:

We will start with a free phone consultation, and then possibly have either a half hour or hour long phone consultation depending on the complexity of your case. You should expect one or two follow-up phone consultations to ensure continued success in allergy reduction.